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SUP with us on Orcas Island - Arrive via a Kenmore Air Float Plane!

On July 31st, fly over Puget Sound from Seattle on a float plane to the San Juan Islands via Kenmore Air. 

We're hosting 25 Kenmore Air charter customers on Cascade Lake on Orcas Island for a short lesson then tour of this beautiful lake.

Between 1:30 and 4pm, you'll learn the basics of paddle boarding then will tour around the lake. We supply all the paddling equipment and PSUPA certified guides.
Cascade Lake / Moran State Park

A freshwater lake in the middle of an island surrounded by saltwater, Cascade Lake is a 5 minute drive from the historical Rosario Resort and located in Moran State Park.

To sign up, contact Kenmore Air and click on the Charters tab.

Hope to see you there! 

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How to Save a Paddler - The Flip Rescue for Stand Up Paddlers

Stand up paddle boarding - The Flip Rescue (Board to Board)
The flip rescue is to pull a stand up paddler out of the water who can't do so themselves usually do fatigue. 
The rescue comes from the raft industry. It also works for pulling swimmers or flipped kayak/canoeists onto your board. 
The shown method is for stand up paddlers to pull another stand up paddler out of the water. If practice often, it can be completed in rough water in less than a minute. I've done it in whirlpools for a fatigued student at Deception Pass in Washington State.  

How to..
- Paddle your board over to the capsized paddler. 
- Ask if they're cold, how long they've bee in the water
- While doing so, flip their board fin up. Easiest to do so with two hands at the tail.
- Climb on your knees from your board to theirs using your paddle as a brace across both
- Pull the victim in and have them face you in the Middle of their board
- Drop both paddles in the water between the victim and their board
- Ask them to cross their arms, then grab their hands (not wrists)
- While doing so, stand up on their board and step their opposite rail.
- Kick your board back (should be on leash)
- Then fall back into the water. 
- Once they're their board, move to towards their tail (same side) and reaching over their board, pull their legs on 
- Get back on your board and tow or push with your board (nose to tail) them back to shore. Call for 911 or the CG on channel 16 if you're unable to reach shore to prevent hypothermia or to properly perform CPR. 

**Practice often to do the flip under a minute and be open to them falling back off, or having to find a Plan B solution.  When you tow or push them to shore, ask the victim to lie prone (chest) or sit to prevent from falling off again. 

**Always wear your PFD and leash to stay off the news.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Business Consultant - Rob Casey

During the first decade of stand up paddle boarding as a business, I've seen many businesses start and fail while others succeed. As director of the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association and owner of my own paddling business, I'm available as a Stand Up Paddle Board Business Consultant to assist with business set-up and how to keep your business fresh or even renew itself after a few years.

Topics I can assist with:
- What type of SUP and/or paddling business to start?
- How should I scale? Start small or become a large shop?
- Do I need certification?
- How to purchase gear as a business
- Marketing - Social media, print, referrals, testimonials, reviews, etc..
- How to re-invent your business during a slump, market or personal change?
- What to charge?
- Sponsorships
- Building a community
- How to work overseas

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Rob Casey
Salmon Bay Paddle / PSUPA
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Rob Casey

Ballard Elks Paddling Club Solstice Party - Thurs 6/22/17

The Ballard Elks Paddling Club (BEPC) is having our first annual Solstice Party on the lawn at the Elks Thursday 6/22. For Elks members and their friends/family, get to know our members while enjoying a view of Shilshole Bay.  We'll paddle before the bbq at about 5:30-6pm.  

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Deception Pass Tidal Rapids Class in Deception Pass - 6/18/18

We had a hoot in Deception Pass during out Tidal Rapids class yesterday. The ebb in Canoe Pass was mellow and clean allowing students to learn how to ferry across current (cross the river), enter and leave the eddies and eddy hop upstream.

We spotted a porpoise, a few seals and eagles. Schools of fish were abundant below our feet.

We finished with demonstrating and practicing flip rescues, the stirrup rescue and pivot/buoy turns.

Class video to come later this week.

L to R - Rob, Liza, Sean, Lisa, Cathi

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Rob Casey / 206-465-7167
Seattle, WA USA

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Race to Alaska - SUP Racer Karl Kruger in Johnstone Strait

Race to Alaska Update: 

A friend, a the captain of the Alaska bound purse seiner Endurance caught this photo of Team Heart of Gold - Karl Kruger in beast mode paddling north to Ketchikan in Johnstone Strait.

Here, he's off Camp Point north of Campbell River today at 10:47 am with a 18k SW wind the flood to push him along.

Starting in Port Townsend, WA last Thursday, both teams have been battling their way 750 miles north to Ketchikan, AK.  On the map, it's uphill.

Watch interview of Karl during his trip. He talks about his gear, food and current condition.

Watch Video of Seattle based SUPs Team Fueled on Stoke while paddling along Vancouver Island

Karl in Johnstone Strait, BC

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SUP Balance Tips and How to Walk on your Board

SUP Balance Tips..

- Get low not high when you get tippy

- Paddle when you get tippy - don't freeze and try to balance. 

- When in doubt, paddle

- Momentum is stability. 

- The paddle in the water is more stable than when in the air

- Practice the above tips, wear a leash and PFD to avoid losing your board or ending up on the news. 

Check out my Stoke Magazine blog for more balance tips.

Questions? Work with us....
Rob Casey / 206-465-7167
Seattle, WA USA

You Deserve a Good Paddle

Gear in video: 
Bark 14' Dominator, MTI PFD, Werner Paddle