Video - Freighter Wave Surfing in Seattle!

Thanks to Evan Loeng of Standupaddlesurf.net or visiting us in early Fall in Seattle. Check out this great video and interview he did of me while Freighter Wave Surfing in Seattle!  

Boards are all Imagine Surf - Connector 14' CC, Connector 14' inflatable DLX and Icon 11'.  


4 Reasons to Hire Salmon Bay Paddle

4 Reasons to Hire Salmon Bay Paddle

When you're trying to decide who to call this summer for your SUP lessons, here's a few reasons to call us, at Salmon Bay Paddle!

1. Our caring personable instructors love to share their passion for paddling, so you'll receive the best attention possible during your lesson. Our instructor to student ratio's are very small to assure that you receive the most individualized instruction possible.

2. Our instructors are trained and certified by the PSUPA and our owner, SUP guidebook author Rob Casey.  This means you will be receiving professional, caring and expert instruction.

3. We have a strong focus on safety so you'll have more fun.  This means in addition to our professional instructors and by wearing a vest style lifejacket, leash and if appropriate a wetsuit, you'll stay warm and won't have to worry about being in conditions above your skill level.

4. We listen to you and your needs and interests in learning SUP.  If you've had a bad experience, we'll reverse your fears and start you out on flat calm water and go at your learning pace.  If you're an experienced paddler seeking to improve your skills, we'll work with you to do so.

You Deserve a Good Paddle!


Richard's First Day on a SUP!

Below see Ricard W having a blast on his first day on a SUP on Shilshole Bay with SBP instructor Alex Vaughan in the background. Richard ended up taking the board home with him, an Imagine Inferno 37" x 10' - super stable!


My Kenmore Air Inflight Magazine Article on Kayaking the San Juans

Check out my Kenmore Air Inflight Magazine Article on Kayaking the San Juans. Great tips on where to go, how to plan and travel resources. Spring 2016 issue.

Use my book, 60 Trips, Kayaking the Puget Sound and San Juans to help plan your trip.  This book also applies to SUPs.

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