Round the Rock Race Training

Doing the Round the Rock this year? Want to work on your stroke, upwind padding and race starts?  I can help you improve your skills and place better in this epic PNW race!


Forward Stroke
- Learn to paddle on one side (switching sides slows you down).
- Learn a more efficient Forward Stroke - Use less effort and gain more power and endurance.
- Can you paddle straight?
- Learn drafting.

Race Starts
- 300 people taking off at once creates serious rough water - can you handle it?

Every RTR has had an upwind or side wind section.
- Learn to paddle in side winds. Save your energy if this goes on for a few hours.
- Be efficient and don't waste valuable energy fighting an annoying side or head wind.

Do you have a Race Strategy?
- Do you have a plan to win or place better in the pack?
- If paddling upwind, do you know how to avoid the wind?

The Right Equipment:
- Doing it on a 12' board?  Going to take awhile.  Have enough hydration, proper leash, PFD and sun protection?

- Learn how to train for long distance endurance races.

Contact me for tips on how to improve your results.  
salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com  or 206.465.7167

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