Thanks for a Great 2014!

Thanks all for your business in 2014. Your support keeps us buzzing and able to keep offering the high quality fun classes we offer!

Starting Salmon Bay Paddle in 2010, it was a risk to go with small individualized classes in a market where Groupon type discounts were going nuts. From the start we saw such discounts as lowering what folks are willing to pay for any service thus would de-value what we do.  In order to be successful with that model I'd have to do big classes to 10-15 people several times a day to break even. This means buying tons of gear, hiring more staff and ultimately each student won't get the attention they deserve.  No thanks!

Over time we did price testing and offered different classes to see what would be of interest of customers.  We've dropped some classes and added others. SUP itself has grown and matured. 2 years ago I couldn't sell a SUP overnight paddle trip. Last summer we did 2, and have already had interest for more in 2015. Thanks for your patience in us.  We're stoked for a new year of paddling!

New SBP Services in 2015: 

- Traditional Surfing Classes - Taught by Ryan Kuja, now based in Aberdeen/Westport. Ryan was one of our most requested guides last summer with killer testimonials. We're jealous he now lives 20 minutes from the coast! Read about Ryan in our About page.

- SUP & Gear Rentals - These will be for our alumni only. I don't have a big fleet of boards and can only let go rentals on days the boards aren't being used.  Nonetheless in the crazy busy summer period, many can't find SUP rentals - we'll here to help.  Or refer you to other businesses who rent gear.

- Kayak Instruction - Brought back by popular demand and my background, we're offering lessons to those with their own kayaks. Currently we don't have enough space to stock kayaks.  We can help you learn the basics, surf kayaking, tidal rapids training in Deception Pass and overnight trip training.  We'll also offer kayak tours. Check out our Kayaking Classes & Tours for more info.

- Downwinding SUP Classes - Taught by Matt Parker and Remick Merry. Both are PSUPA certified instructors with strong downwinding experience in Hood River, Maui and elsewhere.  Classes will take place near Seahurst Park in south Seattle and at Hood River in summer. Both Matt & Remick will also be available to teach our regular classes as well. Read about Matt & Remick on our site.

- Surf Camp on Oahu - We're talking to one of our PSUPA instructors on Oahu about setting up a joint surf camp.  Details TBA.  Timeline will be April-June, 2015. Contact me if interested.

- SUP Yoga - Miri Plowman, a PSUPA certified instructor and certified yoga instructor will teach SUP Yoga for us in pools January - May and outside during summer.  Details TBA. Read about Miri on our site.

Contact us for anything you'd like to see us offer as well!

Thanks!  Rob

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