Back in the Saddle Again

After a tough winter with the month long virus that many NW'esties were affected by with, we're healthy again thankfully.  Confined to a couch in February coughing and sneezing, I was able to get the downtime needed to write a 50+ page PSUPA Surfing Certification manual, something that is hard to focus on with all of today's social media distractions.

Things we're working on now:
- Soon to be updating our website to be easier to read and more useful to you.

- New logo. We hired a local designer to create a NW influenced logo we're stoked to see. As our business has developed over the years (and the industry) we have a better idea where we are and need to go vs 4 years ago!

- Using our new identity, we'll be printing hoodies, t-shirts and hats. I realized the other day being sponsored by a few other companies and always wearing their gear - time to show off our own!

- Taxes!  Almost done! I logged a ton of mileage for our out of town lessons and tours.

- Buying new gear - Accent SUP & Kayak paddles, Imagine boards and a few inflatable SUPs from friend Tim Sanford of 360 Go Anywhere in LA.  We'll have both Imagine and 360 inflables.  Also wetsuits and hooded vests from BodyGlove, booties from NRS and rubber ProTeck fins.

- And much more!

Any questions about lessons, tours, buying new gear, etc, give us a holler!  206.465.7167


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