Why Choose Us over the Other Guys?

There's a ton of SUP instructors and shops out there. Why choose us? 

Here's 3 Reasons..

- We take care of our students who become Alumni.  Need gear? Paddling tips? We'll help them find what they need, find good deals on gear (or help sell their gear).

- We give discounts to our alumni for future classes and clinics.  So specific amount as each situation is different. Regular students get a freebee on occasion.

- After each class I prepare a summary of the topics and techniques we covered.  I also give students homework to work on to improve skills. Classes are great, but if you don't keep paddling to work on those skills you won't improve.  Here's a sample of a summary for a student after a Freighter Wave Surfing class March 2015:

What we Covered today: 
-Reverse and Forward sweep turns – get low, lower straight arm, watch blade, deep blade.
-CrossBow – hands loose, get low, keep simple no arm cross-cross.  Watch my surf videos for the turn around after each ride. Using current to turn. 
-Pivot – don’t need to go all the way back, just a touch to turn it, mix with cross bow, paddle ‘in’ water 100%. 

-slapping low brace on water at your side if tippy.
-Sweeping Brace – sliding back side of blade over water after stroke back to nose/catch of support.  Power face up.  
-Slice ‘Brace’ - after stroke with power face facing rail, use lower arm to slice blade in water towards nose/catch.  Never take it out. 

Paddle – Powerface forward – you want most reach towards nose, power face down. 

Forward Stroke
-Reach out for standard paddling beyond Surftech ’S’.  Micro bend at knees, ‘hinging’ at waist.
-Lower straight arm or both straight to trigger torso.  You torso rotation is your power.
-Reach for ’S’ and pull out at your legs or just beyond.
-If going upwind or up current or need to catch a wave to increase speed asap use super short strokes taking out at your toes.  
-Feathering blade – keep is totally flat until your blade hits the catch (where paddle goes in), last second.  
-hands super loose on paddle at all times, even surfing especially in turns for more flexibility.  
-Paddle Straight - vertical paddle shaft (upper hand over water); and straight line from catch/nose to feet. don’t curve around nose, imagine fake line from your feet going straight forward. This will appear 3-4” from your nose.  Can send diagram.  

Falling Off
-Fall flat with paddle.  Get back on in 3 places –tail (from end); near tail on rail side (thinnest part of board), then in middle.  Wax your rails if you need more grip for getting on.  

-Leashes – coil on flat, straight on surf.  Coil is fine on small surf but in big it can bounce back on u.  I wear my leash 100%.  If not for me, then for others sake. 
-PFD – on Puget Sound including Freighter wave surf – vest style or C02 (forgot to give yours today).  Still required even if surfing. But in coastal surf no PFD needed.  
-5/4 on Sound until late June or early July.  5/4 all the time on the Strait or coast.  Or 4/3 summer.  You could add a polypro top or rash guard under your 3/2 in summer. 
-any other gear questions, let me know.

Freighter wave manual enclosed.  let’s talk about surfing, weekdays are great for me.  

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