SUP Trip Across Puget Sound

Opting out of the Round the Rock Race in Seattle on 9/12 my instructor Joe McColskey and I chose a paddle with similar mileage but at our own pace. We paddled from our main lesson beach in Ballard 4.5 mile across Puget Sound to Fay Bainbridge State Park. After refilling our water bottles and quick snack, we continued west along the north end of Bainbridge Island past Pt Monroe, Port Madison to Agate Point to find a petroglyph called Heelets Rock.  We did find it!  Taking the light flood current ito Agate Pass, we promptly turned around surfing a 4' boat wake back to Port Madison.  After another short break, we finished our day crossing Puget Sound back to Ballard.

Total 15.7 miles / 3mph average speed / approx 5hr trip.

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