How Long are our Classes?

When many hear that we have a 2.5hr class, they feel that sounds like a long time to be on the water.  In truth, all our classes include introductions and coverage of basic gear and safety info on land, putting on wetsuits and/or fins and leashes, then we hit the water.  

Here's a breakdown of our 2.5hr Level 1 SUP Basics Class:

Class Itinerary – 
5min – Introductions, sign waivers.
5min – Put on wetsuits or seasonal paddling clothing
20min – Introduction of paddling clothing, equipment and safety gear.
10min – Sizing of paddles, fin and leash attachment demo, how to carry boards, and walking to beach.
10min – Discussion on beach of marine weather, water safety, boating right of way.
20min – Standing, balance and basic directional control (2 turns, stopping, backwards, sideways).
30min – Learn how to paddle straight with an efficient forward stroke while applying your new directional skills.1170799_10208473137128848_1625401680523615028_n
30min – Learn how to paddle safely with boats and in wind if available while applying and refining your new skills.
20min – Learn how to fall of your board safety and climb back on using two methods. Also learn rescue skills.
10min – Paddle back to the beach and dismount safely.
10min – Walk back to our cars, remove paddling clothing, leashes and fins.
Sometimes we go over our time if you're not in a hurry to get somewhere else. We don't giving extra time to make sure you get what you were looking for.  Additionally you can hire us for extra time beyond 30 minutes after the 2.5hrs as well.  

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