How to Become a Citizen Scientist in the PNW

I've always wanted to be a scientist but 4 more years of school didn't seem appealing. Luckily, we can work in the environment providing assistance to non-profit and government organizations by volunteering a a Citizen Scientist.

Washington Sea Grant offers several options to get involved. You can monitor plastics, invasive green crabs, bivalves and oysters, and harmful toxins in the water.

This winter, be involved with monitoring record King Tides (12/15-16 will be super high) on the Sound. With global warming our tides are getting higher which will affect development along the shore.

Find out more about these opportunities at Washington Sea Grant.  If you know of other opportunities, please send to me and I'll share.

Monitor King Tides in WA State

(C)WA Sea Grant

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