SUP Waist Co2 - How to Manually Inflate

Below is an image of my instructor Alex manually blowing up at waist PFD (lifejacket).  Why not just pull the tab and let the C02 cartridge do the inflation? Because many forget to put the cartridge back in after an inflation, or never had one to start with (seen it).  And sometimes the cartridge doesn't fire as the pull string is wrapped around the pull mechanism or the PFD was packed incorrectly.  Like any mechanical device, it can fail.

When it does fail to blow up automatically, most waist C02 PFD's have a manual inflation tube. Slip the black cover cap off the tube, then with your tongue, push in the black tab inside the tube to open the valve while blowing it up. Some require bending the top of the tube to open the valve while blowing into it.

Some waist PFD's require slipping your head into an opening while the M-16 such as pictured here has a nylon strap on the top of the bag. Slip your head into (or the strap over) the strap.

Once inflated, practice swimming with it and practice getting on the board while wearing. Wearing your leash make this process much easier.  Practice close to shore, then go offshore when ready with a newly installed cartridge.

Alternatively if you don't have a waist PFD on, but you are wearing a hydration pack - blow up the the hydration pack even if there's some water in there to provide floatation.

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