2017 St Paddles Day Race a Success!

Our 5th annual St Paddles Day Race on Hood Canal at Alderbrook Resort was a success with a stoked bunch of paddlers willing to brave high winds. The 6.47 mile course started with a mild SW wind at their left side. After the first buoy turn at Hood Canal Marina the paddlers entered a 2.5 mile epic downwinder to Tahuya River mouth. Inside the scenic river estuary the paddlers enjoyed a short break from winds while rounding a buoy. Re-entering the Canal for a 1.5m crossing back to Aldebrook paddlers fought a wicked 30kt wind on their right side all the way to the finish line.

7 paddlers quit at the river mouth after realizing how painful the last leg would be. 3 never left the bay in front of the resort just after the race start, one of which I towed toward shore. Thanks to the local Mason country Sheriff department and Captain Lee Geist for volunteering their boats and pro rescue skills - as a result of their help paddlers felt comfortable quiting knowing they'd have a speedy ride back to shore.

Dropping our buoy manager Jeff Gassen
Congrats to those who did complete the last leg back to the resort battling waist high waves and wind!

The 3 mile racers enjoyed a light wind at their backs to push them to 'the castle' a medieval looking house down the Canal. Around the buoy, the racers then fought 15-20kt winds back to the finish line. Winner Troy Trimmer took the smarter less and sometimes no wind route by hugging the shore back to the resort.

Awards were given at 2pm and many of the racers were found taking it easy after the race in the Alderbrook's glass enclosed pool and huge hot tub.

Race Results - Thanks to Mark McAlpin for scoring.

Photo of the race by photographer Jasmine Speaks

Full race video of a double outrigger (great pov of all sections of the race)

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Tran Lu on the last mile to the finish line

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