Stand Up Paddling Instruction - Online Courses Coming!

For some time I've been wanting to offer instruction online to reach those that can't get to us and to fill in the gaps of SUP instruction on YouTube. Many tell us they find a few good videos here but not enough consistent content to fully get a grasp of learning to paddle.

In addition to online videos, I'll be providing a group forum, 1-1 instruction both in person and via skype and podcasts provided to us from Darrell Kirk of Stand Up Paddle the World. Know of another way for us to connect remotely? Join our mailing list for updates

Here's a few sample topics I'll be covering...

Equipment Overview
- Types of boards - Displacement vs surf style, Unlimited, race, tour, yoga..
- How boards are made
- Anatomy of boards - Parts of boards and explanation of each. Board tails, noses, rails..
- Outfitting of boards for touring and carrying extra gear - bags, bungie, leash plug vs stick on loops.
- Repairing boards both on-water and off
- Paddles - types, anatomy, construction, repair

- Drysuit vs wetsuit
- Which bootie?
- How to comfortably dress for cold water, summer and/or the tropics?
- How to put on a wetsuit
- Budget clothing options

Car Top
- Get the right board for loading your car.
- How to load boards on your car by yourself (several methods)
- How to secure a board to your car (several methods)
- Budget rack options

Carrying a SUP
 - Not always easy, I'll provide several options.

Big People SUP
- I'm tall and I work with a lot of students over 275lbs. Options for gear, clothing, paddling tips.

- How to stand up easily (really!)
- Balance tips
- Paddle straight and on one side
- How to read water
- Smart vs hard paddling
- Rough water paddling

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 Any questions give me a holler. Join my mailing list! Contact me: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com /     206.465.7167 - Check out our SUP classes in Seattle - Beginning to advanced instruction including freighter and tug wave surfing, coastal surfing, rivers and racing, plus PSUPA Certification.

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