Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Tidal Rapids of Deception Pass

When many think of Deception Pass, they think of the swirling whitewater below the bridge that connects an island to two canyon walls. But to our alumni, Deception Pass is one of their favorite places to paddle!

When we enter the Pass, we do so at slack, which is a calm period between ebb (outgoing) and flood (incoming) tides. Slack is calm water, almost lake like on windless days.

Once the current begins to build, usually as a trickle, our students learn the basics of paddling in current - entering flowing current from the eddy (calm area) then re-entering the eddy from the current. Then they learn to cross current without being swept down by using a technique called ferrying.

By the end of the class students' confidence and overall skill levels have increased by 100%.  All our guides are PSUPA certified, first aid / cpr certified and love sharing their skills with our students!

On May 11, a few alumni, some with experience in the Pass and others not, enjoyed an occasional effect of wind vs current which builds surfable standing waves in the Pass.

Watch the video!

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