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3 Most Common Reasons for Not Trying SUP

These are the 3 most common reasons people tell us they're holding out on taking a SUP class..

1) I have bad balance.

Answer: If you can walk without any trouble then you can paddle a SUP.  We place beginners on super stable board sized to their height and weight. Plus we teach easy techniques for staying upright once up (place paddle in water).

2) I have poor upper body strength.

Answer: No worries! We'll teach you how to get out of the water and back on your board without any issues! Kicking your feet as you pull up/out makes it way easier as it raises your body to the water level thus you're pulling on horizontally vs vertically.

We also ask folks to climb on to their boards from the tail - rail side. This way you can reach over and grab the tapered tail than just the handle.

And SUP will give you core strength!

We also use a easy to make strirrup which provides a step to climb out of the water onto your board super easily.

3) I'm not a good swimmer.

Answer: If you wear your leash which connects you to the board, and a vest lifejacket, you won't need to be an Olympic level swimmer.

I'm not a strong swimmer, but know the basics. Learn to swim or become a better swimmer at schools such as Miracle Swimming or in Seattle the Orca Swim school.

In early July 2017, a SUP paddler drowned in Florida as a result of not knowing how to swim.

Other comments we hear and have solutions for...

- When prospective students give me their entire history of water and sport based accomplishments, usually it's a sign of insecurity, anxiety and/or they're intimidated by our class descriptions, (we do work with anyone who has basic swimming skills and is a total beginner)

- I get cold.  We provide you with easy to put on toasty wetsuits which will keep you super comfortable. The vest lifejacket provides extra warmth.

- I don't want to wear a wetsuit as I'm overweight - No worries. If it's a hot summer day we won't need a wetsuit. If not, a drysuit is much looser and will keep you warm, dry and feeling good. We can rent drysuits from local kayak shops.

- I don't want to be seen learning. No worries, we'll paddle on our knees or sitting to a private area where you can build your skills, but come back standing looking like a star to the beach.

Need more info or to take our classes give me a holler..
Rob Casey
Seattle, WA USA

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