Paddle Boarding in the Tidal Rapids of Deception Pass - Sunday 6/18

This Sunday we're doing our Tidal Rapids Training Class in beautiful Deception Pass, 1.5hrs north of Seattle. In this class we teach you how to paddle in moving current using river sup techniques such as ferrying, crossing eddylines, reading water and how to safely fall and get back on.

DP as we call it, isn't just rapids, most of the park is in calm protected water. We'll start out on flat water then after learning new skills specific to the pass, we'll move to start out in light current.

What You'll Learn:
- What are Tidal Rapids
- How tidal current works in Puget Sound
- How to predict / read current charts
- How to dress for Deception Pass
- How weather affects tidal current
- Reading the water - how to navigate and make smart decisions in dynamic water
- Crossing eddy-lines
- Ferrying across current
- How to predict for and surf standing waves in tidal current
- Falling and recovery on your board in current
- Rescues in tidal current and rough water
- Where to paddle in DP in areas with no current

Class Description 

May 2017 Class

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Isabelle exploring a kelp bed below Deception Pass

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