Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor for SBP Paddling to Alaska This Week

Thursday morning at 5am, our instructor Luke Burritt and his buddy Erdo embark on a 750 mile human powered paddling race - Race to Alaska - from Port Townsend, WA to Ketchikan, AK.

The prizes are $10k for first place and a set of steak knives for 2nd place.  Certainly enough incentive to paddle up hill (on the map) 750 grueling miles to AK.

The first leg from PT to Victoria, BC is the proving ground - gnarly 40 mile open (big) water excursion across the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Those that make it in due time to Victoria will be allowed to race the rest of the 700 miles to Ketchikan.

No stranger to pain, Luke paddled 23 of the 24 hours straight at the Portland Monster & Sea 24hr paddle for cancer. A professional climbing guide, SUP instructor and sailboat rigger, he's got the endurance and skill to do this.

Equipped with custom designed 17' boards with foot controlled kayak style rudders and gear strapped on deck, Luke and Erdo will have all their food along as well as foraging skills to fuel their trip.

Their route is the inside of the Inside Passage avoiding Seymour Narrows and the open water sections north of Vancouver Island.

If the sweep boat passes them, they'll be disqualified.  No worries for Luke and Erdo, they plan on paddling to Ketchikan anyway.

Visit the Race to Alaska site to track Team Fueled on Stoke to follow their progress.

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