Tidal Rapids Training in Deception Pass 10/13/12

I met Sharon Ilstrup in the parking lot of Bowman Bay, the northern entry into Deception Pass State Park.  We discussed how tidal rapids work, hazards and benefits of, and our schedule for the day.  After gearing up, we paddled to the south end of Bowman Bay, crossed the isthmus into Lottie Bay, then entered the Pass at slack (no or little current).  The ebb started as a trickle then rapidly grew to approx 4 knots in about 30 mintutes - perfect for learning the basics of paddling in current.

Unfortantly my GoPro wasn't working properly, so I only have pics of paddling back to the car.  These are from the west end of Reservation Head where there's a few arches, sea caves, and interesting rocky inlets leading to secluded pocket beaches. Love that place - so much diversity!

Interested in this class? You need to be able to paddle comfortably on flat water. A wide stable board is recommended which I can supply.  Looks scary?  With good instruction the Pass is safe, fun, and something you can do all year rain or shine and in any conditions (unlike rivers or surf).

Upcoming Tidal Rapids classes at Deception Pass Fall 2012: Oct: 28 / Nov: 10, 11, 24, 25 / Dec 8, 9.

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