We offer SUP Instructor Training & Certification

You don't need to be certified to teach SUP but it does help in getting hired by corporate, school, or governement groups or organizations.  Many who took our instructor certification course last year
needed the course in order to teach for places such as the US Navy, recreational centers, or for paddle shops which required more than just knowing how to paddle.  The course also provides some intermediate and advanced skills not available elsewhere in the Pacific NW. Some took the course to learn these skills but had no plans to teach.

I offer non-certified instructor training as well.  


What do we cover in our certification course?
- How to teach a basic flat water 101 SUP course.
- Group management and leadership; teaching concepts; 
- Being a SUP ambassador.
- Water Safety - Boating right of way; weather; currents if applicable; tides, making safe decisions; etc.
- Rescues - flip rescue; towing; getting to shore; CPR on-water; dealing with injuries; self-rescue.
- Mastering basic paddling skills - directional control; forward stroke; bracing; launching; falling; etc.
- SUP Business (if applicable).  

Requirements to take the course?
- First Aid/CPR certificate (updated).
- You must be comfortable paddling on flat water (no beginners).
- You must be able to swim 25yds.

Course Durations & Location:
- 2 Days 
- We do occasionally teach it in two separte days for those who are don't have time for a full day.  
- Add my Surf or Deception Pass currents course to enhance your skills in those areas after taking the certification course.  Beginners can take my basic 101 SUP course to be eligable to take the course.

- Location: Depends on student(s) location or a mutually agreeable location. We can travel to you! I've taught this course in Spokane, Portland, Oregon, Bellingham and Deception Pass St Park.

- $325 course fee.
- $65 membership fee.

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