New SUP Instructor Certification Program - PSUPA!

Tired of the politics, fees, and BS from the existing options for SUP instructor certification programs, we decided to start our own.  PSUPA - Professional Stand Up Paddle Association will launch mid-April. www.psupa.com

PSUPA will offer the following certifications:

-Flat Water - Rob Casey, Jeremy Oyen, Leigh Claxton, Matt Ivey, Ferrule Rose, etc.
-Surfing - Nikki Gregg: Rob Casey
-Rivers - Nikki Gregg; Rob Casey
-Yoga - Developed by Leigh Claxton.
-Fitness - Developed by Nikki Gregg, Leigh Claxton and Ferrule Rose.
-Open Water/Downwinding - Designed by Maui downwinding expert, Jeremy Riggs.
-Exposed/Offshore Water - Rob Casey

Each certification will be designed by a team of professional working instructors to be as relavant and up to date as possible.  Benefits will include service and product discounts, as well as an updated listing on our site, discounted insurance options and access to a library of online and offline resources for instructors.

Stay tuned for more info!

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