Freshwater Bay SUP Tour -

One of my favorite Pacific Northwest paddling spots is the short stretch west of Port Angeles from Freshwater Bay to Salt Creek Recreational Area. Vertical 300' rock cliffs, sea caves, a sea arch, abundant marine life and tucked away pocket beaches are some of the route's features.

With mild swell and wind the route can be glassy and ideal for beginner paddlers. Strong westerly swell and/or wind can change the personality of the route which can be quite fun for those that like to play in rock gardens.

Across from Freshwater Bay is the Elwha River where two dams were recently removed.  The bay can be quite protected from wind and has kelp beds nearly a mile long.

We offer this tour all year and supply all gear. Located 2.5 hours from Seattle the area has several lodging options such nearby Lake Crescent Lodge, part of Olympic National Park.

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