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Located in the Norwedgian neighorhood of Ballard, Shilshole Bay is a diverse place with a rich history. Before white contact, the Shilshole people had nearly 30 100' long longhouses inside Salmon Bay near the current train bridge.  In the early 20th century the Chittenden Locks were built to allow boats to transit from the freshwater above to the Puget Sound.  Boat building facilities and fishermen's shacks on stilts lined the shoreline below the Locks. Some of the shacks still exist today.  Several species of salmon migrate through the Locks' fish ladder several seasons throughout the year.

In the 1950's 1.7 mile long Shilshole Bay Marina was built and not provides us with protected paddling on all but the most wild days in winter.  For those of us thrill seekers, the bay has two spots to surf freighter waves during summer low tides.  In winter, downwinding options are idea as northerlies collide with the outgoing current from the Locks building up wave faces. We also paddled 1.9 miles out to the West Point lighthouse at Discovery Park for more waves as well as great views of Mt Rainier and the skyline of Seattle.

Our 3 hour tour includes one hour of instruction.  $95 private / $75 for more than one paddler. All gear provided.  Available all year.  More info on our site, www.salmonbaypaddle.com

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