Tug Surfing Clinic!

Every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year, we surf tug waves in Seattle. These waves break in deep water rather than on a beach with rides as much as half a mile long.  Wave faces vary from 4' to head high.  Our unique relationship with the tug company allows for waves nearly every week.  In this clinic you'll learn how and where to catch tug waves on Puget Sound.

Why Surf Tug Waves? Tugs allow us to surf ocean sized waves on an inland waterway nearly 3 hours from the Pacific.  Tug wave surfing is also great cross training for downwinding, regular surfing, and gaining confidence for flat water paddling.
Who should attend:  Intermediate to advanced paddlers.  
Cost: $75 for 2hrs of instruction / guiding. Add $25 for rentals.
Required Gear: Stable 12-6 or longer SUP, full wetsuit, leash.  We can rent all gear to you.
Season: Nearly every Wednesday, all year. (2-3wks ouf of the year tugs are down for maintenance).  

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