New Class - Downwinding!

Downwind class now available.  

Learn how to:
- Understand wind and weather forecasting.
- How to read the water and determine your place in it.
- Safety - drift, rescues, on water communication, planning, risk management.
- Learn where to downwind in the Puget Sound basin.
- How to catch waves.
- Directional control.
- How to stay off the evening news.

- You must have experience on a SUP.
- You must be able to swim.
- Be in good physical shape.
- If a group class, we'll cater to the least experienced paddler.

$95 for 1 on 1 private 2.5hr class.
$75 for a group lesson - more than 1 (no more than 6).

Class fee includes:
- Stable board, paddle, PFD, wetsuit and leash.

What if there's no wind?
We'll work on your rough water skills on flat water, refine your forward stroke, learn new directional skills and rescues. DW like surfing can't be mastered in one class. It takes time as each wind session and location is different. DW is a mixture of different types of SUP paddling skills.

Cross Training for Downwinding:
- SUP surfing - Learn how to identify types of waves and learn directional control on wave faces which is a direct link to surfing DW waves.

- Deception Pass Tidal Rapids - Learn how to deal with rough water from all sides. This increases your overall skills and ability to stay comfortable in confused or dynamic waters.

- Our Level 2 Intermediate Class - Work on directional control, refine your forward stroke and learn rescues in open water..

Call me for more info!
tel 206.465.7167
e: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com

** Want to teach downwinding? Our certification program the PSUPA will soon have a DW instructor certification course. Coming early 2014. www.psupa.com

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