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Due to poor snow levels in the NW or because SUP'ers are now aware the can paddle in winter, I'm getting busines in winter - not heard of in past years.  That said I've been caught with my pants down and a calender not up to date.  I'm updating the site first with new photos and descriptions then will post dates on the calender.

If you want to book a class or tour, give me a holler for when's good for you.  Most of our calender dates are just placeholders as the weather conditions usually determine the actual class time/date.

2014 Changes & Updates:
- All tours will include 1 hr of basic instruction.
- We're designing 3 & 5 day skills building overnight trips to cool places like the San Juan Islands, South Puget Sound, Deception Pass and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
- We'll offer more Surf Camp dates. You'll have the option of a 3rd 1/2 day to learn or updated skills specifically for surfing on flat water before we go to the coast.  How's your pivot turn?
- Some trips will include one of my SUP or Kayaking Puget Sound book for free.

Here's an updated page on the site for ya..

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