4 Session Skill Building Class - April 2014

In our 4 Session Skill Building Class you'll master the basics of SUP in three 2.5 hour classes, then test your new skills in th swift currents of Deception Pass State Park.

In three 2.5 hour Classes You’ll Learn…
- How to stand up with confidence in 3 minutes.
- 5 easy tips for full directional control.
- An efficient, powerful and injury free forward stroke.
- Skills for paddling in bumps, boat wakes and wind.
Paddling from Lottie Bay into the Pass
- How to choose the best paddle board, paddle, and clothing options for yourself in the Pacific Northwest.
- Rescue skills such as self-rescue, group rescue, towing, water safety, making sound decisions, right of way and paddler’s risk management.
- Marine weather forecasting and understanding how to work with the tides and currents of Puget Sound.
- 5 different ways to lift and carry a paddle board, car topping options and caring for your gear.
- See tide pools, harbor seals, sea lions, bald eagles.
* Experienced paddlers can refine their current technique and learn new skills.

Rob teaching
Final day at Deception Pass (6hrs) – You’ll Learn: 
- How to read tidal and current charts as well as understanding how tidal currents work in the Pass.
- Where to paddle in the Pass. The park has 3 lakes, 2 protected bays, beautiful beaches and tidal rapids.
- Paddling in current using eddies to go upstream, peeling in and out of current and ferrying across sections of swift current. These skills will benefit everything else you do in surfing, downwinding, coastal paddling or flat water trips.
- How to plan and prep for local paddling trips on Puget Sound using tidal current.

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