SUP Instructor Certification Courses with PSUPA in Seattle 2017

If you're interested in becoming a certified SUP instructor, I'm offering monthly PSUPA (Professional Stand Up Paddle Association) courses in Seattle from Feb to June 2017.  The Flat Water 1 course is 3 days and will cover how to teach paddling, SUP business skills, risk management, rescues and we'll refine your paddling technique. You will also receive our 105 page teaching manual.

Cost / Details: The course is $499 per person. Add $45 a day for rental gear (board, paddle, leash, PFD, wetsuit, booties, hood).  You'll also need to join the PSUPA as a member, which is $65 a year. Prior to class we require you have a current First Aid / CPR certificate.

Who is this course for?
Experienced stand up paddlers who have been paddling for a few years who have solid skills on flat water and can handle wind, small waves and related rough water. You should be comfortable falling off your board and getting on.  If you feel you need more  experience, we offer year around basic paddling courses.

2017 Course Dates for FW1: (Instructor: Rob Casey)

Feb 3-5 (4 spots left)
March 24-26
April 7-9
May 9-11 (NW Paddling Festival May 12-13)
June 2-4

Why is PSUPA Different?
- We have the biggest course (some say the best) manual in the industry
- We are an international organization with instructors in the US, Canada, Australia and Mexico.
- Our curriculum includes SUP Business - How to start a business, marketing, risk management, legal info, buying gear and how to build a community.
- Our course content is updated 2x a year.
- We're adding FW2, River, Downwind, Surf and Camp Instructor certifications.
- As a smaller organization, we return your calls in a timely manner.
- We accept input from all levels of PSUPA members to benefit our curriculum and overall program.
- Unlike some other programs, it is possible to become an Instructor Trainer with the PSUPA

PSUPA Member Benefits - Pro-deals, Facebook member discussion page, we promote your business, online Resources page (business, marketing, environmental and paddling links, books and seminars).

Are you planning to start a SUP business?  Don't wait till a month before you open to take this course. Much of our content will help you plan and market your business, choose the right gear, get the right location and train the right instructors. Don't take the course if it's about adding to your resume, take it because we can help you become a better paddler, instructor and have a smarter business.

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