West Point Treatment Plant & Water Update 3/23/17

What's up with the water in Shilshole Bay?  (3/23/17 Update)

After Feb's sewage and stormwater overflows at West Point due to high rain and tides, the Seattle Times published the photo here stating the discolored water was sewage. Those of us that paddle here know that due to extreme high tides that day, a dropping tide and 20kt winds, the discolored water - is not sewage, but rather eroded sediment from the Magnolia bluffs and shorelines.

The Seattle Times writer insisted otherwise but on Tuesday this week the King County Waste Water Division which runs the plant backed up my claim, that it was indeed eroded sediment. They published my findings in their blog this week.

Why do I care? I've had to cancel and reschedule several March classes and tours due to folks getting misinformation from the Times as well as shock from the poorly labeled photo. Many are still too spooked to go in the water, yet the country and Dept of Ecology has assured me that water is safe but suggested to avoid it for up to 2 days after a heavy rain until the plant gets fixed in late April, (standard procedure in Southern California and Hawaii all year). 

I am finding that many don't trust govt and it shows they don't believe me or the folks at the county and Ecology. You'll have to make your own decision, but I've been and will continue to paddle on Shilshole Bay.

Read the blog post on this update from King County Waste Water Div.

Useful Links for Planning Paddles (from the Beaches Div - Dept of Ecology)

King County Combined Sewer Overflow Status Map

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