New Class - SUP Paddle and Surf Camp

Every summer we offer 3 surf camps and this year we're introducing a Paddling & Surf Camp which is a combo of surfing and learning how to tour the Washington coastline.  For many of us we like to do both and each compliment's the other skills.

What Skills do you learn in the Paddle & Surf Camp?

- SUP Surfing - how to pick the right beaches for your skill level or for specific types of waves or conditions you prefer. How to paddle out, choose waves, accelerate then surf down the wave face. Learn to turn, wipeout safely and have fun. You'll also learn surf etiquette.

- Coastal Touring - With surf skills, you'll learn how to paddle through a surf zone to calmer water offshore and/or how to land safely on coastal beaches, navigate slots, surge channels and have fun in the rock gardens (where surf meets coastal rugged areas). 

- Build your overall confidence with better rough water skills, surf skills and more control in waves, surf, current, wind and in offshore conditions. 

- You'll learn where to see cool stuff 2hrs from Seattle like sea arches, caves, amazing geology, views of Vancouver Island, Mt Baker with eagles overhead and harbor seals following us about.  

- You'll also learn about the best equipment for coastal and surf paddling. 

Where is the Camp?
On the Strait of Juan de Fuca about 20min west of Port Angeles. Camping and hotels are available for lodging as well as ample food options. The Strait has many surf spots as well as great coastal paddling below 400' cliffs.

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Class Description

Our surf spot is the cover of my book!

Hidden Cove

Crescent Bay - Surf + Explore Spots

Any questions give me a holler. Join my mailing list! Contact me: salmonbaypaddle@gmail.com /     206.465.7167 - Check out our SUP classes in Seattle - Beginning to advanced instruction including freighter and tug wave surfing, coastal surfing, rivers and racing, plus PSUPA Certification.

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