3 Reasons to Remove Your SUP or Surfboard Fins

When to remove your fins..

I've heard beginners surprised when we mention removing fins. 

Here's 3 times you should remove them..

- Before driving through drive-thru's and parking garages - note bar height overhead

- At least monthly otherwise they'll get stuck in there from salt and sand. Grind out? Yikes. 

- Stacking boards for transport or storage. Much easier to not deal with off set stacking. 

Taking Care of your Fins and Fin Boxes..

- Whenever you take your fin out, wash out the empty slot with water to clean out sand, dirt and salt.  

- Wash your fin screws/plate and any quick release mechanisms (QFR, etc).  

Forgot your Fin or Fin Screws? Here's how to avoid that common problem...

- Keep your fin screws and plates in a plastic jar or container in your car or surf bucket. 

- Always store an extra fin or two in your car or mobile surf bucket.  Same goes with leashes. 

- Keep foil tape on hand for ding repairs but also to tape a fin in if you forgot the screws. 

Have any fin removal or care tips? Share with us!

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