Race to Alaska on SUP with 2 Seattle Paddlers

On June 8th at 5am my Salmon Bay Paddle instructor Luke Burritt and his buddy Erdo will embark on a 750 mile human powered race to Ketchikan, Alaska. The first leg or 'Proving Ground' is a 40 mile open water paddle to Victoria, BC.  If they make it (they have 48hrs to try) then they'll be allowed to finish the race up the hill to Alaska.  35kt Westerly winds are predicted for Thursday, so fingers crossed. 

We'll be able to track their progress on the race tracking system. Look for 'Team Fueled on Stoke.'
Luke and Erdo are equipped with custom 17' paddle boards designed by Blue Shed Shaping in Hood River, OR.  Each board has a kayak style foot controlled drop down rudder, and two additional stern and nose fins for tracking. They decided to go with deck vs internal storage, and multiple tie-downs and side handles for securing gear and beach landing carries.
Erdo (L) and Luke ringing the bell in Victoria BC

A short list of equipment Luke and Erdo are carrying:

-17' custom designed sups
-2 30 litre dry bags of gear (secured to deck by straps and leash plugs)
-2 30 litre hydration bags
- Kokatat lifejackets
- Foot tiller/rudder from SIC, but custom mounted
- 2 waterproof Standard Horizon VHF's
- Garmin GPS with sat txt capability
- Quickblade one Trifeca paddle and one V-drive paddle. And one backup paddle.

Ideal daily mileage - 35m a day

Route - 
Proving Grounds  - Either wait on beach by start to wait out strong predicted winds. Or let winds push them northeast, then paddle back around to Victoria.

Main Leg - They've chosen to avoid Seymour Narrows and take the inside Inside Passage through the Discovery Islands to avoid the larger tidal areas.  The rest of course will be played by ear per conditions.

SIC modified rudder/tiller

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