SUP or Kayak Rack Hack for Getting in the back of your Car Easier

I purchased a Subaru Outback in the Spring. After I installed my Thule rack, I placed my board on the rack and tied it down. Then I opened by back hatch but noticed it only opened half way with the top real brake light pushing up agains the bottom of the board. In order to get in my car I'd have to squat down and snake my 6'-5" tall frame into the back of the car. Bummer.

Not long after, Jim Ramey, an outdoor industry rep for our region mentioned he had the same issue with his Toyota Sienna. Being an innovative type of guy with tools, he devised a hack to raise the rear rack towers allowing the rear brake light section to open just enough more to solve the problem.  

See below for his solution.. That's closed cell foam glued to the top of the wood block. 

How to Install..
- Place block on rack bar under your board or kayak (Here I have square Thule rack bars)
- Place your craft on top of the block.
- Secure your craft to the bar using straps or rope as you normally would. Pressure from the strap tie-down secures the block to the rack bar.  

Board in pictures Bounce SUP

Thanks to Jim Ramey of Adventure Sales. Jim reps Bounce SUPs, Imagine Surf, KanuLock, Accent and Cannon Paddles, MTI Lifejackets and a few more lines. Contact Jim

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